With One Voice

A With One Voice choir member in Rio. Photo: Lorena Mossa
A With One Voice exchange visit to Manchester

Streetwise Opera founded With One Voice, an international movement which seeks to build the arts and homelessness sector globally through exchanges in policy and practice. The movement embraces all arts and homelessness work throughout the world. Visit the With One Voice website at www.with-one-voice.com to see a map of international arts and homelessness projects and find out about our latest news and activities.

The international movement was launched in July 2016 following previous Olympics-focused With One Voice events. The first event took place at the Royal Opera House in London as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad. It was the first time homeless people were represented at any Olympic games, and profiled the work of more than 300 performers and a number of arts and homelessness organisations.

In 2015-16, exchanges between Brazil and other countries took place, culminating in an Uma So Voz (the Portuguese translation of 'With One Voice') artistic occupation week in Rio as part of the 2016 Cultural Olympiad. This included more than 300 performers and 40 workshops, talks and performances taking place across the city.

With One Voice is now working in Japan in the lead up to Tokyo 2020, as well as in other countries including the USA, Canada and Scotland.

In October 2018, Streetwise Opera announced that With One Voice will become an independent charity from 1 April 2019. Read the announcement.