Streetwise Opera 12-hour Singathon

Sunday 27 October 2019 - 9:00am to 9:00pm

Shoreditch Town Hall
380 Old Street London EC1V 9LT

REGISTER NOW - £10 adults, £5 students, FREE for children under 16 (accompanied by an adult)
Sponsorship: £50 target per person


Sing your heart out at Streetwise Opera’s exhilarating 12-hour Singathon at Shoreditch Town Hall's beautiful Assembly Hall, in support of our pioneering work with people who are or have been homeless.

Whether you sing in a choir, a band, as a soloist or just in the shower, this event is for you!

Help us complete the challenge by keeping the music going for 12 hours – at least 20 people need to be singing at any given time.

Sing along to glorious gospel, cool jazz, film and musical classics or, of course, mind-blowing opera. The day will be split into themed hour-long sessions led by professional musicians and you can choose which session to join.

In the final hour, we will present the Singathon grand finale, a chance for all singers to showcase their talent and dedication to a live audience. 

The Streetwise Opera Singathon is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of music, whilst raising money for a great cause. The proceeds of the Singathon will support our life-changing work for people affected by homelessness in London, Manchester, Newcastle Gateshead, Nottingham and Teesside. 


How does it work?

  1. Each of the sessions will be led by a facilitator, and accompanied by recorded or live music. The programme will be announced in the lead up to the event.
  2. You can join us all day (impressive!) or pick your favourite one-hour sessions to design your own Singathon challenge. You can enter and leave the venue at any time, and we will provide hot drinks and snacks to keep your vocal chords and stamina going.
  3. Children and young people under 16 accompanied by an adult are very welcome, and some slots will be of particular interest to the young (and not so young) ones.
  4. Anybody can book a free seat for the grand finale from 8pm to 9pm – including your friends and family who have sponsored your challenge.

Sounds great – where do I sign up?

  1. Secure your place by registering online and pay the registration fee of £10 (£5 for students, free for children and carers).
  2. Set up a fundraising page and inspire your friends and family to sponsor you, or make a personal donation; we ask you to raise at least £50 per person.
  3. Join us on Sunday 27 October and sing your heart out!
  4. Leave the Singathon knowing that you and your supporters have made a big difference to the lives of some of society’s most isolated and vulnerable individuals

Click here to register and set up your fundraising page so your friends and family can sponsor you. We are aiming for each person to raise at least £50.