To the Silkwood Tree

Image by David Caines

Part of Streetwise Opera’s 2014-15 Little Opera season

A traveller faces a long, uncertain road to an unknown destination; the weather is drawing in but he won’t stop searching for a better place. The whisper of a song in his ear won’t let him rest. Will he find the place he’s been dreaming of?

Collaborating with the Nottingham Streetwise Opera performers, writer/director Hazel Gould and composer John Barber created a magical and timeless tale about our search for redemption. John’s earthy rhythms and haunting, ethereal melodies guided us on a journey through the darkness to find the light.

The second of three 30-minute operas in Streetwise Opera’s Little Opera Season 2014-15, To the Silkwood Tree was designed to intrigue, entrance and send audiences away with a lift in their hearts. It was performed at the Nottingham Contemporary on 16 May 2015.

After the show, 'innovative pop experimentalists' Firefly Burning (including composer John Barber on piano) played live from 9.30pm in the Café Bar as part of the Saturday night Cafe.Bar.Live programme.

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Read the synopsis of To the Silkwood Tree and Hazel Gould's performance highlights on our blog.


Performed at the Nottingham Contemporary on 16 May 2015


Composer: John Barber

Writer / Director: Hazel Gould

Musical Director: Tim Lole

Designers: Emma and Giuseppe Belli

Cast: Streetwise Opera Nottingham performers with soprano Charmian Bedford

Musicians: Firefly Burning